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Find Proven Solutions to your Operating Challenges
The #1 goal of any company or organization is to optimize their assets & operations. With the enormous amount of information available online, from millions of vendors, how can you easily and efficiently find the best solutions to your operating challenges. IndustryMD solves this problem.
Companies and organizations can find proven answers to their challenges via demonstrated B2B vendor solutions. IndustryMD does this by curating the proven solutions of all B2B vendors, including all equipment, software, services and materials companies, serving all industries. It is a unique tool to easily find proven answers to your operating challenges, problems or aspirations.
What is unique about IndustryMD
IndustryMD is a discovery platform focused exclusively on industry solutions
You will never be presented with any information about "widgets" or product specifications. You will only find proven solutions on IndustryMD.
We aggregate & curate B2B solutions from all vendors
Solutions encompassing offerings from Equipment, Software, Services & Materials verticals
Solutions for all industries on a single discovery platform
You will never be contacted by a vendor unless you ask
What's in a name... ?
"A prescription is a health-care program that governs the plan of care for an individual patient and is implemented by a qualified practioner." (wikipedia)
Just as individuals consult healthcare professionals for advice & prescriptions to improve their personal health, so too are companies & organizations always seeking to improve the "health" of their assets & operations. In essence, they are continually searching for the equivalent of prescriptions for improved performance and in most cases they engage B2B vendors as their trusted advisor.
Consider IndustryMD as your trusted advisor encompassing the combined knowledge of all vendors through their proven industry solutions. Consult IndustryMD and find prescriptions to your operating challenges.
Getting the most out of IndustryMD
Make your search as detailed or as simple as you like
  • Search for solutions to a specific challenge (e.g., Improve safety in cement plants or Reduce energy consumption of data centers)
  • You might just be looking for inspiration or researching solutions in a particular topic (e.g., Search for an industry "Mining", a vendor "ABB", an offering type "Pumps", a B2B customer "US Steel", or an industry topic "Safety")
  • As with any search engine, the more specific you can make your query, the better your results. You can use our Advanced Search radio buttons to better define your query
What you can do with your Search Results
  • Open any Solution by clicking on the title or thumbnail
  • You can save the Solution to your myIndustryMD page. Add the solutions to an existing Solution Set or create a new Solution Set for the document right here on the Search Results page
  • Email any Solution to a colleague
  • Save the Solution to your computer or print a hard copy
Your free & permanent reference bank of industry solutions you curate and use throughout your career
  • Easily save, organize and reference all the industry solutions you discover on IndustryMD
  • Create new Solution Sets to best curate your reference bank of Solutions
  • Easily edit existing Solutions Sets, delete Solutions or move them between Solutions Sets